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Rebuild Your Brand Strategy To Double Your Sales

You launched your business to make an impact. And not just an impact, to-make-sh*t-happen-disrupt-the status-quo-I-dislike-my-job-because-they-don't-care-about-our-communities type of change. But despite your passion, leads aren't converting and revenue is inconsistent month-to-month.

It's not you, amiga - your offers right now just don't align with the business you are running. As entrepreneurs, we evolve, which means our sales approach has to as well.

You are not here for a frozen chicken nuggets and mac & cheese de cajita type of strategy.

You've been in business for a while and finally know the people and projects you never want to do again. So the way you sell and promote your services needs to represent the quality transformation you provide. More of a crispy buttermilk fried chicken with truffle mac & cheese. 

Sí, tengo hambre did you notice?

Let's talk about why rebuilding your sales and marketing process strategically is critical for consistent growth.

El Struggle is Real: Why Initial Sales Approaches Fail

When starting out, we:

  • Attempt to be all things to all people

  • Underprice ourselves and over-deliver trying to attract any client

  • Sell based on emotions instead of a systemized strategy

This might work initially. But fatigue hits hard, along with financial instability.

To thrive long-term, we need sales systems tailored to our current business goals - not start-up survival mode.

3 Key Steps to Rebuild Your Sales Foundation

Ready to leave the chaos behind? Here are critical steps to rebuild your sales process for scalable success:

  1. Get Crystal Clear on Your Ideal Client

And I'm not taking open that client avatar description you created when you launched. Determine specific demographics, psychographics, behaviors, values, and goals. Get intimate with their pain points. This clarity allows you to tailor messaging and offers to attract aligned leads easily.

Better yet, it allows you to invest in systems that create revenue. No more signing up for a 14-day trial of the "latest" software that you forget to unsubscribe.

2. Develop Your Signature Framework

What methodology do you follow to help your clients go from point A to B? Every client might need a different iteration of your framework, but you can't personalize every service! That is simply not scalable.

Your signature framework gives you the flexibility to follow a step-by-step process while still customizing solutions for your clients. Codify this into a branded methodology to explain your unique value. This framework forms the basis for your signature offers and the right pricing structure.

3. Map Your Offers to Each Stage

Now that you have a clear audience and service methodology, develop tailored offers for each phase - from free content to intensive masterminds. This strategically converts cold leads into forever champions.

Following this process allows you to rebuild a sales system for today's business goals, not yesterday's.

Our Unlock Your Sales Superpoder program guides you through each step to maximize impact and revenue. Join me!

Putting It All Together: The Power of a Strategic Sales Process

With clarity on ideal clients, service methodology, and staged offers, your revenue gets consistent quickly.

Suddenly, you know exactly:

  • Who your offers attract

  • How to explain your transformation process

  • What to sell at each stage for conversions

No more guessing games and 20 back-and-forth calls for one proposal. Now your sales process is strategic, not sporadic.

The results? More clients who energize you. Bigger deals with premium offers. And way less hustle for each closed sale. Ah, the power of strategy!

Let's chat to see if rebuilding your sales foundation could be a game-changer for you too. 

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