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3 AI Tools For Business Growth That Work as a Personal Assistant

Updated: Apr 25

A personal assistant is a goal for most entrepreneurs, but when you are a team of one or you are still in the launching stages of your service-based business, the investment can feel impossible. Let's visualize it together... you spend most of your day working with clients, while someone else is scheduling meetings, arranging your calendar, and creating social media content. With so many time-consuming tasks, isn't delegating these responsibilities to AI tools worth a chance to get you started? And may I add... at a pretty reasonable cost.

At Unstoppable Latina, your favorite Latina Branding agency in the US, we compiled a list of the three amazing personal assistant AI tools we use to grow our business.

Dive in and know how these AI tools are worth an investment, making it easier to spend your time on revenue-generating activities vs trying to do it all.

Third Place: Opus Clip 🥉

Business content is more engaging when you use visuals and videos. If you want an instant video or clip editor because you don’t have time to do such meticulous work, see no further than Opus Clip.

Opus Clip is an AI-powered video editor tool. Shorts and reels are the new normal in social media platforms, connecting with your audience with their short attention span. If you have a long video (e.g. LinkedIn Live, Instagram Live, podcast episode) and want to cut down to short clips highlighting important information, then Opus Clip works perfectly.

This AI tool creates compelling shorts by analyzing and extracting information from long videos and gives out as many numbers of clips as you want. Yes, it transcribes the audio and finds the most engaging sections for you.

The platform even supports multiple languages and offers captions and translations.

One of the most exciting features of Opus Clip is it analyzes the virality of a short clip, giving you the best indicator of how a clip will perform on social media.

Opus Clip offers both free and paid features. Paid plans come with varied benefits and the investment starts from $9 and goes up to $19 per month.

Second Place: Motion AI 🥈

Tired of managing schedules, to-do lists, and projects using different platforms? Then, Motion is for you. Motion is an amazing AI planner that looks after all your scheduling and task management. Think of Motion as a Virtual Assistant that manages your schedule, moves things around based on your capacity (that doctor's appointment is more important than writing a blog post right?), a project management tool, a scheduling app, and a planner all in one!

Motion is similar to a digital planner or a calendar that arranges your daily work routine.

You do not have to go separately to make a to-do list, to track your day, or to schedule meetings because Motion is all in one platform. Its AI system automatically plans tasks considering your calendar.

The three prominent features in Motion are- Tasks, Calendars, and a Scheduler. In the Task section, one can create a task, its priority, and the deadline. You will add a task, and it will automatically be added to the motion calendar. My favorite section is the duration because I can divide any task into "chunks" or smaller parts, perfect for my neurodivergent brain.

Next, the Calendar section is organized by your schedule, and you can connect as many external calendars as you want. In my case, I have my Unstoppable Latina calendar, our Family's calendar, and my personal email. This is where the Tasks come in handy! Because you can set up your Tasks in specific projects or folders, you don't have to separate your business and personal life.

The best part? You can create rules for your work hours and personal hours. And if you get booked and busy, Motion alerts you so you can move a deadline or reschedule a meeting.

And the Scheduler? Say goodbye to Calendly and Accuity. I use my Motion scheduler for all non-client meetings, such as mentorship calls, virtual cafecitos, and calls with my kid's teachers. Because Motion already knows how your week is going, the app will even recommend the best times to book with you.

If you struggle with ADHD or staying on track, then Motion is a great investment. Motion comes with a monthly subscription plan that starts at $19 per month for an individual and $12 per user per month for a team.

First Place: Read AI 🥇

Read AI is an integration of speech, audio, and text. It is an AI-powered transcription tool that extracts information from an audio, video, or text file and provides valuable insights into a topic in a few minutes.

Think of Read AI as your meeting note-taking app, video recorder, summarizer, and speaking coach tool. Instead of blocking time after coaching calls or discovery chats with clients, Read AI records your meetings, creates an easy-to-access digital report with a transcript, and organizes all your key points in one place.

You can connect Read AI to your business calendar and video conferencing platforms like Zoom, and the software will join all of your calls, record the meeting, and then provide you with a:

  • Summary of the call

  • Chapters and key topics

  • Highlights

  • Key questions

  • and Action Items

Then Read AI sends the report to everyone who joined the call so everyone has the same information. As a user, you get access to daily meeting summaries in a minute or less so you catch up on your pending action items, and get access to speaking coaching tools.

Read AI comes with a free and paid monthly plan of $29 if billed monthly or $23/month if billed annually.

AI Tools- Are they an investment or an expense?

Even though these 3 AI tools are less than $75 per month combined, you must have second thoughts about adding new software to your business. It's common to wonder why you should spend your hard-earned dinero for tasks that can be handled manually (because you've been doing most of this already) or why paying for such tools is an additional expense.

If you are serious about growing your business, you understand that delegating smaller tasks pays for itself. Investing in help so you can focus on what matters most, running your business like a CEO, is not wasting money.

These 3 tools are neurodivergent-friendly and help you to save time, reduce distractions, analyze trends, and make informed decisions. When informed decisions are made, things are just on track.

Say you spend  $12 monthly in Motion, and you catch up on your daily tasks and meet deadlines efficiently. Then you can have blocked time to do a guided meditation and finish your online certification. Finally!

Instead, you procrastinate on non-revenue-creating tasks and feel like you'll never catch up with your bookkeeping or client projects.

A small amount returns long-term benefits to your business. So, these 3 tools are an investment towards your vision.

How to use AI tools without fear?

We already know there is a dark side to AI tools. However, these tools can be used effectively without fear when considering some crucial points. These are:

  • Acquire proper knowledge of AI tools and understand how they store and process your personal information.

  • As a business consultant, do not over-depend on AI tools because their responses can be inaccurate and results can be biased. Always check before posting!

  • Monitor their performance from time to time.

  • Choose the right AI tools by considering user reviews online and on YouTube.


In conclusion, using AI tools like Motion, Opus Clip, and Read AI can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity in business. These tools are not mere expenses but investments that yield long-term benefits.

They automate tasks, reduce effort, save time, and aid in making informed decisions. While using AI tools raises privacy concerns, adopting preventative measures such as not providing personal identification information, utilizing cybersecurity tools, conducting thorough research, and considering performance and customer reviews can be used safely and effectively.

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