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we are obsessed with elevating powerful and imperfect stories

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Paulette Pinero

At Unstoppable Latina, we believe every mujer deserves the opportunity to build a thriving business aligned with equity-centered values. Founded by Paulette Piñero, an award-winning social entrepreneur with over 16 years of industry experience, we are committed to closing the opportunity gap for Latina entrepreneurs with a multicultural and justice-focused approach to marketing.

meet the unstoppable team

Our creative core team, enhanced by a global network of freelancers, seamlessly scales to bring your projects to life, no matter the size or scope.


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our vision for the future

We envision a world where entrepreneurship is diverse,

purpose-driven, and joyful.

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our values in action


Collaboration over competition

We embrace the synergy of teamwork, believing that together, we achieve greater heights. Through fostering an environment where collaboration trumps competition, we unite diverse talents ensuring our projects and relationships thrive on collective success.



every win

In our journey, every milestone, no matter its size, is a victory worth celebrating. This philosophy encourages us to recognize and appreciate the steps we take forward, cultivating a culture of growth that drives us to achieve even greater successes.


Create space for new ideas

By creating a space where new ideas are not just welcomed but eagerly anticipated, we empower our team and clients to think outside the box. This dedication to innovation ensures we stay ahead, transforming challenges into opportunities for groundbreaking solutions.


Flexibility for what matters

Understanding the dynamic nature of life and work, we prioritize flexibility, ensuring that our team has the space to balance professional commitments with personal well-being. This approach allows us to actively anti-racist and impact driven. 


Champion equity

By actively being anti-racist and honoring our intersectionalities, we commit to an equitable environment for our team and clients. This commitment enriches our perspective, enabling us to create meaningful work.

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meet the founder

Hey friend!

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I'm Paulette Piñero, the heart behind our mission. As a proud Boricua leading the charge, my journey into entrepreneurship is fueled by a deep-seated belief in the power of authentic, imperfect stories to forge collective movements and drive societal change.

I've dedicated my 16+ career to not only elevating brands but also ensuring that each client I work with is empowered to make a tangible impact. My expertise lies in unraveling the unique narratives at the heart of diverse businesses and transforming them into compelling brand stories that resonate with audiences and inspire action.

Drawing from my heritage and professional journey, I bring a unique blend of cultural insight, strategic acumen, and an unwavering dedication to creating a world where entrepreneurship is joyful.

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We guarantee a customized approach to your goals.

We vow to honor your insights and co-create solutions.

Beyond metrics, we pledge to deliver outcomes that last.

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ready to become an industry icon?

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