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3 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Digital Brand, And What To Do Instead

Creating, growing, and sustaining an iconic brand is every entrepreneur's dream, and it takes commitment, dedication, and, most importantly, partners. Whether you are launching a new business or want to take your brand to the next level, you need a trusted, visionary, and, most importantly, understanding partner. And Unstoppable Latina is that partner for service-based businesses.

If you are wondering how to grow your Latina-owned business or considering brand refresh, you are in the right place. Here, we will burst three common mistakes that most small businesses make when growing so that every entrepreneur will get a head start. 

Why Do You Need to Redesign Your Brand

Brand redesigning is very important, even if your brand is performing perfectly in every aspect. Firstly, in the digital world, where audience tastes and preferences change every day, every entrepreneur must focus on the evolution of their brand according to the trends. 

On the other hand, if your Brand is not leaving its mark on customers, there is no choice other than brand redesigning. There are many reasons behind brand redesigning, and whatever the reason is, brand redesigning will always result in positive growth.

3 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Brand

Every famous and important thing carries some myths with it, and so with Brand Design, there are the three most common myths. Now, these myths have been in the entrepreneur's mind since the beginning, and ultimately, they result in money & time loss along with no satisfactory outcome. Here are three common myths.

#1 It's Only Having A New Logo

The most common myth associated with Brand designing is Logo Change. People believe changing the logo is enough to justify the brand design. But believe us, it's not even a part of Brand Redesigning sometimes.

#2 Branding Doesn't Have a Business Strategy

The main reason why most brands fail to sustain is this myth. Designers who don't care about the business growth strategy will create a pretty visual identity (e.g. logo, color palette, website, etc), that doesn't get you the dream clients you wish to retain.

#3 Your Business Website Is A Portfolio Of What You Do

Yes, this myth is real, but in the case of individuals. If applied to a business, it will be the worst-case scenario for your business. Maybe some part of the website works as a Portfolio, but don't forget, this should be a powerful sales tool for your business.

Breaking The Myths With Our Brand Elevation Services

Having a modern, technology-packed, and, most importantly, experienced branding agency is a must for every entrepreneur, and we at Unstoppable Latina want to guide you to find the right fit for you. 

Our agency is great for small business owners who want to create a brand or redesign an existing brand to secure new clients. Here are the exclusive services we offer under our Brand Elevation Service.

Making a branding strategy is the one thing that most unsuccessful businesses lack, and we at Unstoppable Latina focus extensively on branding strategy within a multicultural lens. But even if you don't work with us, here's exactly what you should expect from a brand elevation:

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy is not just a paragraph showing your objectives, ambitions, and plans; it's the soul of your business. We dig deep into the core values and fundamentals of your business to provide a clear, concise, and impressive vision & mission. 

Your brand's strategy reflects how your business works, what your focus is, and why you are going to be your dream client's favorite. In this phase, you also want clarity on operational and business growth opportunities to improve efficiency, fill gaps, and tackle your client's biggest problems.

Brand Story

A brand story is a game changer for every business as it leaves a mark on customers' minds and hearts. Our team has expertise in providing incredible content, themes, and, of course, brand narratives. 

This will help businesses better engage and connect with the audience. You will get everything perfect if you are suffering with traffic, conversion, engagement, or reach.

Visual Brand

If you want everyone to visit your home, you have to make the door beautiful, and under Visual Brand, we focus on the virtual identity of a brand, which is very important today. 

From Logo to UI/UX and marketing strategy to multi-platform identity, we are ready to establish your Brand with a strong foundation and long-term success.

So, we have categorized our Business Elevation Service into three parts, and every part itself contains multiple strategies, kits, and processes impacting every part of the business. This means Brand Elevation service not only redesigns your brand but also your business as a whole.

How Does A Brand Redesign Help Your Business

From gaining new customers to winning clients' trust, having a strategy for your marketing allows your business to shine beyond digital (online). The goal is for your business to be recognizable even at those sometimes boring conferences and Chamber of Commerce events.

You want your brand (messaging, values, visuals) to become magnetic to your ideal clients. And when you are struggling with folks finding or committing to your services, a brand redesign can be the catalyst to get new clients and opportunities.

And yes, I know you are thinking about this, we also help you launch your speaking services and keynotes as part of your brand strategy.


An entrepreneur has to prioritize a strong brand to establish a profitable business, but lacking a brand strategy will keep you stuck and overwhelmed. However, with the guidance of a Branding Agency that understands your cultural background and equity values, any small business can become magnetic to the right opportunities beyond the digital space.

The main 3 issues with brand redesign are that entrepreneurs need to understand that branding is not only about logos, content, or website design. Branding is itself a strategy and has roots in the internal functioning, working, and fundamentals of your business. 

With Unstoppable Latina, entrepreneurs can easily conquer their industry and market without fearing sustainability and growth.

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