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Scaling Your Impact: 5 Revenue Streams for Latina Consultants & Coaches (that are not a course)

Launched your consulting biz to make waves with your expertise, but finding it tricky to keep that personal touch as you grow? Been there, done that, amiguis. The pressure to scale can tempt you with those Instagram-famous business strategies—courses, group coaching, memberships. Sure, they sound sexy AF, but are they really you?

Courses and the like demand a hefty time and financial investment—hello, digital ads and tech platforms nobody tells you about upfront. If you're not about that life or simply looking for growth paths more aligned with our Latina values, I've got your back.

Here are cinco strategies that let you scale your impact and income, minus the overwhelm. And sí, I thought I'd have more "me time" as my kids grew up, but life had other plans. Shoutout to my abuela; I finally get it.

1. Public Speaking & Corporate Workshops: Share Your Superpoderes

Imagine transforming lives, one inspiring talk at a time, and cashing in anywhere from $250 to $10K for just an hour of sharing your wisdom. Start where your ideal clients hang—ERGs, non-profits, industry meetups. Offer virtual sessions to widen your circle and remember, every minute you share your brilliance, it’s worth every penny.

Don't sweat creating new content for every gig. Recycle and repurpose what you already excel at into a few killer workshops and hit the ground running. Need a starting point? My Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Unstoppable Brand will have you pitching like a pro in no time.

2. Affiliate Marketing & Strategic Partnerships: Multiply Your Impact

Who's already winning the hearts of your dream clients? Partner up! Think guest blogging, interviews, or collaborating on events. It's about quality over quantity. And when you're ready to launch your own affiliate saga, tools like ThriveCart can make it smooth sailing.

3. Streamline Your Sales Process: Optimize Before You Multiply

Hold off on launching new offers. Perfect your sales funnel first—script those pitches, refine your offers, and automate those emails. Our Brand Growth VIP Experience is all about making at least half your process run on autopilot. Focus on fine-tuning, not just adding more to your plate.

4. Delegate and Systematize: Your Time is Precious

Your mission needs you, not bogged down by admin tasks. Document SOPs, automate the mundane, and build a team (or tech stack) that handles the heavy lifting. Dive into our Master Your Systems Program to get your foundation solid for scaling.

5. Monetize Your Content: Make Your Wisdom Work Harder

All those IG Lives, webinars, and guest spots? They're gold. Repurpose them into books, premium newsletters, or even exclusive Q&As. Platforms like Substack or Patreon can turn your content into a steady income stream, supporting your growth every step of the way.

Ready to Scale? Reflect on These:

  • Why are you scaling? More impact or income? Your strategy depends on it.

  • Is it the right time? Make sure your current setup is solid first.

  • Who's helping you? Scalable growth is a team sport. Plan who you'll bring on board.

Growth vs. Scale: Know the Difference

Growth is about more clients, more 1:1 work. Scaling? It's about expanding revenue without directly trading time for money. Figure out where you stand, and if you're unsure, a coach who gets the Latina business journey can guide you.

Scaling with integrity means laying down strong roots first. No cookie-cutter course or template will cut it. It's about the right moves at the right time. And yes, you can still catch that recital or drive Alex to work, promise.

Eager for more insights and strategies tailored for Latina entrepreneurs? Dive into my Unstoppable Guide to Growing Your Brand and let’s make magic happen, together.

*Supporting my cafecito addiction (and business) with every purchase through my links – gracias, amiga!

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