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Forget Social Media: 5 Ways to Grow Your Brand Beyond Likes and Follows

"Paulette, I just can't do the dancing or lip-synching, please don't tell me I have to post on social media. I HATE IT."

Amiga, who told you that's the only way to grow your brand? 

I feel you on not relying solely on social media to grow your business. Part of growing an anti-racist business on your terms is to against traditional bro advice and enjoy what you do.


Ok, let's take a pause.

I said it... enjoy what you do in your business. And it won't be all of it, I surely don't love doing my mileage tracking every month or reconciliations, but you have permission to have fun while you are making this dinero mujer.

Marketing is more than just social posts - it's about engaging your community wherever they're at. Let's talk about opportunities beyond building a following on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Marketing 101: What Marketing Is and What It Isn't

Marketing refers to any strategy that builds awareness, connects with your audience, and generates revenue. It includes things like:

  • Public relations - Getting media coverage

  • Advertising - Paid ads, billboards

  • Print - Flyers, business cards

  • Digital marketing - Content across online platforms

Digital marketing includes social media, BUT also your website, SEO, email newsletters, webinars, and more.

No necesitas dominar todas las redes sociales para tener éxito, amiga. Play to your strengths instead

When IRL Is Your Thing

Don't underestimate the power of in-person events or IRL (in real life). Things like:

  • Local networking meetups and industry events

  • Setting up a booth at markets o conferencias

  • Giving workshops or classes

  • Joining your local Chamber of Commerce

  • Attending an industry association charlas

In-person opportunities help form meaningful relationships and show your community you're here to stay. Prospects become clients when they've met you and experienced your energy, especially if you serve underestimated communities.

Digital Marketing Doesn't Mean Social Media Influencing

If you prefer creating valuable content vs responding to comments on social media - I got you!

Options beyond social media that convert include:

Con constancia, these tactics help establish your expertise just like any social media content creator and allow you to build strong social proof.

How To Incorporate Social Media When You Are Ready

Now, having some social media presence can still be helpful. The key is keeping it manageable and making it work for you. 

Instead of letting it dominate your efforts (or business expenses):

  • Focus on 1 platform ideal for your audience and where they "hang out" before making business decisions. Ask yourself, "What is my ideal client doing 5-3 minutes before looking for someone like me?" 

  • Don't strive to go viral, this doesn't equate to sales and leads.

  • Schedule posts in advance when possible to save time.

  • Collaborate with others to share the workload and reach more people.

  • Repurpose content across platforms to minimize creating new posts often.

Used intentionally, social media can be your amplification marketing channel vs demanding all your time and energy.

Porque, who has 4 hours to create another Canva carousel post?

Your Sharing Your Authentic Story Action Plan

If you're held back by nerves around sharing your story publicly, here are some pro tips:

  • Practice explaining what you do and your business origin story until you can say it clearly in under a minute.

  • Write down your journey so far - challenges, lessons, wins. You have more to share than you realize!

  • Start by opening up in smaller settings or to industry peers who get it. Build confidence to share your superpoderes.

  • Invest in business growth coaching or join an accelerator to see other jefas in action.

  • Remember your story will resonate and empower others on their own journey.

  • Share honestly and watch connections happen. The right people will rally around your truth!

Tu tienes mucho valor para ofrecer, mija. Own your story and share it far and wide.

Need help crafting your brand story? Get your free guide to start your journey to unstoppable.

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